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From box wood...to plastic
Mantille aux coquelicots. Cellulo├ęd vers 1900
Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess whom the son of the king of France wanted to wed.
While on a mission to ask for her hand, the royal emissary's carriage broke by the little village of Oyonnax.
The villagers, possibly already a Tournier Billon, repaired the broken wheel and offered combs and hair accessories that they were making during the cold winters.

It was in the year 630. In thanks, the king granted the village of Oyonnax the exclusive privilege to manufacture combs for the Kingdom of France. During those times, box wood (a hard wood tree growing in the surrounding mountains) was the main material.
In 1868, two Americans, the Hyatt brothers, invented a new "plastic" substance called Cellulo├ęd, a highly inflammable and explosive plant-based material.
This finding was left unexploited until 1879 when it was shown at the world fair in Paris. Representatives from Oyonnax were there, displaying hair accessories made in wood and horn. They noticed it and upon their return, Oyonnax adopted it.

Tournier Billon was born as well as the Plastics Valley...
Paturel-Grevling 1925